2011 Gathering


For highlights from the 2011 Gathering: 

With the blessing of Donna Sue Groves, let's come together to celebrate the American Quilt Trail!

Donna Sue Groves founded the first Quilt Trail in 2001 in Adams County, Ohio.  The first quilt square was installed on Groves’ barn in honor of her mother, long time and celebrated quilter, Nina Maxine.  From there Groves and her neighbors continued on to create the first Barn Quilt Trail.  Their main objective was to draw in tourism to help support local businesses and artists.  Little did they know they would be founding what has become a national folk art phenomenon.
Since 2001 the Quilt Trail movement has grown to 45 plus states and on into Ontario, Canada.  All independent grass roots projects, each trail has its own goals and unique artwork and approaches. In 2011 Adams County Ohio hosted the first National Quilt Trail Gathering. Representatives from 15 states and 22 trails came together to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Ohio Quilt Trail.  
Greeneville TN will be the second of such gatherings. In our East TN region, the Quilt Trail has played an integral role in small town revitalization as well as agricultural tourism and folk life preservation.  
What has Donna Sue taught us over the past 16 years?  Love and dedication is all you need! 

           Watch the "Pieced Together" trailer:  http://www.piecedtogetherdoc.com/


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