Future Gatherings

Future Gatherings

    What does the future hold for the National Quilt Trail Gathering?  The first Gathering was held in 2011 in Adam's County Ohio (see 2011 Gathering for more information).  The second Gathering was held in August 2016 in Greeneville, TN.  During the 2016 Gathering we met in a working group to discuss the future.  Donna Sue Groves, the mother of the Quilt Trail movement, made it plain when she asked that all of the Quilt Trails continue to operate on an individual grass roots level.  This allows the movement to develop freely.  Each Trail is different and thus has different needs and goals. 

What we determined during our working group is this:  
*We need to development and maintain open discussion between Trails to give us all access to the wider Quilt Trail community.  

*Making use of and promoting  Suzi Parron's interactive map, and Julianne Donofios  crowd sourced map is very important.  More information and links to both maps can be found under the National Quilt Trail Movement tab.   

*Two Facebook pages are to be developed.  Why Facebook?  Facebook is an easy social media tool that will allow us open conversation with ease.  The first page will be used as a private forum for Quilt Trail organizers to discuss development, maintenance, etc.  This page will not be open to the public but will be set up so that Quilt Trail organizers can "ask" to join in.  The second page will be public and used for the promotion of Trails (we dubbed this the fuzzy kitten page).  Here we can advertise events and show off.   Links to these will be posted here as soon as they are developed.

*When is the next National Quilt Trail Gathering?  During  our working group we determined that holding the Gathering yearly isn't necessary.  The next Gathering will be up to you!  We won't be holding it again in Northeast TN.  The Gathering is about all of us across the U.S. and Canada opening up our communities.  It could be your turn next!  If you decide you would like to hold it in your community, we would be happy to share any information we have gathered along the way.